Tactical Weapen System – IPSC – 10 st.

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On the dial there are 2 vertical bars and one level for training to give quick, repeatable shots (eg doublets) and control of weapons in the airfoil.
Vertical bars are used to control weapons in up-down vertical movement when firing shots.

The bow tie during quick shots should move only on the vertical bar and not go beyond its area – as far as our skills we move away from the target, which allows us to achieve progress in weapon control.

Vertical bar adapted for training weapons control and repeatability of shots, however, the gun.


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– Posterformaat schietdoel
– Hoogte: 70,7 cm
– Breedte: 50 cm
– Materiaal: papier
– Papier gewicht: 90 g/m2
– Set van 10 stuks
– Merk: Tactical Weapen System