Tactical Weapen System – Cerber Skeleton – 10 st.


Posterformaat schietdoel met een speciaal design. Special voor de schutters die meer willen raken dan alleen de standaard schietkaarten!

TWS Cerber is designed for training, during which the shooter must immediately make a decision, recognize the target and give quick, intuitive, and at the same time, effective shots without offending the target / protected targets.


Artikelnummer: SD-40 Categorie:


– Uniek design
– Hoogte: 68 cm
– Breedte: 48 cm
– Materiaal: papier
– Papier gewicht: 150 g/m2
– Set van 10 stuks
– Merk: Tactical Weapen System

The shield consists of three objectives: the main goal, which has three zones within: the head, chest and hip / abdomen.

On the sides of the main goal there are side targets, which can be treated interchangeably with the main objective as protected objects, simulating the figure of an outsider or hostage.